Starting the conversation…

What vision are you really communicating through your actions?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Don Cohen, Greg Thiesen

What You Will Hear:

The importance of a second opinion.

Being too transparent, those around us take our doubt to the extreme.

Digital change is dynamic.

When we know our vision is clear.

Communicating your vision requires … communication.

Live Audience Question: Can we be too vulnerable? How do we know when we are crossing the line?

#VBBRadio Audience Question: Different perspective is good, outside perspective is good too, but how can someone know my business better than I do?

Make a decision already.

Stop and pause during crisis or crunch time.

The first step of decision making.

Business decision making versus personal decision making.

Soft skills that are intertwined in decision making.

The role of fear.

Three leadership brains: head, heart, and gut.

#VBBRadio Audience Question: What is the best way to identify our biases?

What we learn we can use.

What makes it BOLD to get an outside perspective?

Notable and Quotable:

Quotes_227_Greg Thiesen

Greg Thiesen: We help people make a decision.

Jess Dewell: Some of my failures came from talking to the wrong people when I was making decisions.

Greg Thiesen: Who you talk to matters, and it can be difficult to share what your real feeling and thinking.

Don Cohen: The opportunity is bringing our softer skills to the table.

Greg Thiesen: Do the right things for where your company is at.

Don Cohen: Results are based on how people interact.

Quotes_227_Donald Cohen

Don Cohen: That is vulnerability is based on trust. It will pay nice rewards in time.

Jess Dewell: When we find the people around us don’t have the skills we need, we are usually in crisis. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Greg Thiesen: Slow down and stop once in a while.

Jess Dewell: When we do our thinking up front we can along with our mission and are we move toward achievement of our growth strategy.

Don Cohen: It’s a matter of doing it, and the more you do the more you learn.

Greg Thiesen: Whatever decision you made, it won’t be the right decision tomorrow because things keep changing. Get on with it.

Don Cohen: The biggest challenge is the disparity between what one thinks something is and what it really is.

Quotes_227_Jess Dewell

Don Cohen: Work with people who’s primary intent is your welfare and your benefit.

Greg Thiesen: Know what the real facts are, and get them clear in your mind.

Don Cohen: There is a need for people to interact more, and that interaction can be a significant driver moving forward.

Greg Thiesen:  There is a fear that you will hear something you don’t want to hear. Keep your ego out of the way so you don’t think you know more than anyone else.

Don Cohen: Courage is only necessary until practice comes in and you get comfortable. Allow yourself be yourself.


Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle

Neuroscience and the Three Brains of Leadership


decision making, change, business strategy, vulnerablity, soft skills, discipline, change, unconscious bias

What vision are you really communicating through your actions?

Is our vision enough to create and scale the business we lead? It’s how you think, decide, and follow through. Having accountability matters, and impacts your company’s realized and potential results. Jess Dewell talks about getting an outside perspective on your business with Don Cohen and Greg Thiesen, founders of


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