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How effective is your organization’s delivery model?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Co-host: Zachary Beach

What You Will Hear:

Know what your goal is, know what is needed, and build the road.

Find a gap in your industry and fill it.

Systems matter, use systems to create an experience with your customers.

Gaps in your industry create opportunity for innovation.

When you are comfortable with norms, you limit your business growth.

Personal leadership is all about embracing change.

Follow the energy and use it to get results.

There is a shut off button to let work go for a bit, use it.

There is discipline around finding out how tactical and creative fit into your projects across weeks and months.

Expect bumps delivering product as they are part of the evolution.

How does your strategy for growth tie to your company’s mission?

Have foresight to know what customers want.

Automation has a diminishing return and creates a limitation on business growth.

Growth mindsets recognize that automation provides more opportunities.

Make infrastructure support your processes – find the right questions to ask for improvement and innovation right now.

Get better at asking questions.

It is BOLD to develop and improve an effective delivery model.

Notable and Quotable:

Quotes_234_Zachary Beach

Jess Dewell 9:08
We have to do what we’re doing, looking for services in our industry, to deliver product to make money, we have to do that internally within our organization because we can’t get comfortable in our own skin. And if people start thinking that they’re really comfortable and everything’s always okay when it’s not, it’s really not

Zachary Beach 9:24
If you don’t have the best relationship with your family, definitely don’t start a family business. But also you have to have extreme open honesty. You have to have a shut off button as well. You have open honesty because you’re always surrounded by money when it comes to business and that has tearing apart more families and businesses and God knows who knows, because you never want to bring anything negative home. You can certainly relish input. Definitely never bring anything negative so that way you can still have your family life and and still enjoy it.

Zachary Beach 16:17
If you are the creative type, then you should have more creative time blocked off for you. That way you could constantly be inside that mindset. That does kind of come down to time management as well. Just make sure you get the basics done first

Jess Dewell 20:49
When I’m thinking about growth, and when I’m thinking about sustainability, and I’m thinking about the longevity of what we get to do in business when we’re ready, it’s not tactical by day. Its tactical by the course of a week, or a month, or a quarter. With only tactics, being part of that bigger piece, and what does it look like, and how do things fall into place, or organize themselves depending on how you might talk about it.

Zachary Beach 21:46
You go to just start That’s just where most people fail in their businesses, is they just never start one. You’ve been sitting on the fence for like 12 months. Now it’s time to get started.

Zachary Beach 22:46
We’re always looking to constantly innovate. That’s actually one of our core values constantly innovate and improve.

Zachary Beach 32:21
We’re in a place in history right now where automation should be used for very low level jobs. Something again, that’s very repetitive, something that you don’t need the human brain to think of, that you don’t need that personal touch. We’re in a position where people now should be at these higher level positions where they get to use their mind. That’s where we’re trending. We need to have more visionaries, more people that are a tactical, that can handle larger tasks. And then the rest of it should be automated. Let’s like get rid of the human touch associated with business.

Zachary Beach 35:48
Firstly, if you have that growth mentality and that growth mindset, then as the automation comes from underneath you, you then get to move to the next level which is more exciting.

Zachary Beach 36:01
If you’re not growing, you’re dying. That’s a hundred percent.

Zachary Beach 36:03
We should all be expanding our minds expanding and reaching for something that’s much higher than us. And if what’s going to get us there is some automation and some things that are going to be taken away from technology, I’m more than happy to step upon it.

Quotes_234_Jess Dewell

Zachary Beach 38:41
There’s this thing called shiny object syndrome. It’s important before you bring in something additional that you check it against your process and does it make it easier? Or are you just substituting for the exact same product and now you have to learn how to use this other product? So I think it’s important that you always take a look at, am I haven’t shiny object syndrome? Do my processes that I have in place suffice? And if they don’t, then it’s worth taking a look at new technology.

Zachary Beach 41:13
Look to your employees . Look to your community. And allow them to do some experimenting because usually you get your best information from either your customers or your employees.

Zachary Beach 43:19
If you’re just managing people, then you’re not actually helping them personally develop, which means that your company is not going to always continue to grow and succeed. And eventually some of your major talent will have leave.

Zachary Beach 43:44
This can relate to any single business. Make sure that you’re having open honest conversations and you’re having those conversations because you want to help employees improve. It’s not because you’re reprimanding them for not using the right technology. All that those employees were trying to do is do their job more efficiently better. But if you’re just trying to control them, you’re not gonna get the end result that everybody wants.

Zachary Beach 46:10
Your delivery model is not exclusive from pretty much anything in the business. It is one hundred percent incorporated because it’s the front lines of your business. When you’re looking to make a delivery model, you have to really think of the entire journey that your customer is going to take because that’s the very beginning of their journey.


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How effective is your organization’s delivery model?

Systems, processes, and results, oh my! We create systems and processes for our workflow, yet we don’t always connect that important work to how we deliver product – specifically online. Jess Dewell, mentor to executives and founders, talks with Zachary Beach, Coach and Mentor and Real Estate Investor about effective delivery models.

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