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How are some of the fastest growing software companies building their business without salespeople?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Greg Dickinson

What You Will Hear:

Three changes and trends in sales that reflect the modern buyer’s needs.

The impact on our sales cycle and marketing because of autonomous buyers.

Technology has made us busier.

They way we use demos is outdated and a new process is necessary to reduce the 85% bounce rate.

Increasing customization maximizes the human to human element with even more customization.

There is a need for speed to information.

When and how demonstrations link sales and marketing for the modern buyer.

The way we engage with prospects matters more than ever today.

#VBBRadio Audience Question: What do you see as the biggest changes in pre-sales and after-sales that affects buyers’ journeys?

Question from radio @ What would be the best way to meet customers where they are, since their journey nowadays looks more like a maze than a linear path?

Shift from founder selling or current sales to next stage of business growth.

Digital transformation increases conversion with guided selling systems.

#VBBRadio Audience Question: I’d like to hear more about Greg’s demo video. What makes it stand out? Because it tough to have a vide content that stands out.

Demos, videos, and interactive experiences add to building engaged prospects – changing the role of salespeople.

Give information to the right person at the right time.

Give questions to ask because we can guide the research and relationship with prospects.

We position our company to be competitive 3 and 5 years from now by quickly adapting to giving people trending questions.

It is BOLD to recognize business evolution that we face the death of the salesman as we know it.

Notable and Quotable:

Quotes_235_Greg Dickinson

Greg Dickinson 4:14
Today undisputedly the buyer has changed. We call it the call to modern buyer, the digital buyer. Number one, 77% of all buyers said they’re dissatisfied with the buying process . Number two, when the same buyers were polled, they have emphatically said. “We are now no longer dependent. We’re independent.” And number three, gosh, it shouldn’t be a surprise but when people buy things, they actually have a process. The influence and the control that the salesperson has is changing, and those that are not changing? Gosh, they may not be here tomorrow.

Greg Dickinson 10:08
96% of all websites, if you want to see the product, they’re asking this buyer to fill out a form. So guess what? The bounce rate, not my number. Research. The bounce rate of that form is 85%. Buyers are voting with their pocketbook. I don’t like that. I don’t want to do that. Because they all know how uncomfortable that process is.

Greg Dickinson 17:34
Innovation technology is moving to the forefront because a video is very valuable. They say it’s nine times more retailable than reading something, of your listening to and seeing it. But gosh, the technology to get at that video of play, pause, fast forward, rewind is very archaic,. We got the first MTV Video using that technology.

Greg Dickinson 19:50
At the end of the day, product service is all about speed to knowledge, speed to understanding, and clarity.

Jess Dewell 20:10
Now, I do not have the statistics, but I have the experience and the feedback of clients that I help that are evaluating programs that are not working. And in every single case, marketing programs that are not working for them online? When they’re providing a form to somebody that they want to know, that bounce rate is incredibly high.

Jess Dewell 20:38
Whatever you’re doing, how you’re asking for information, and when you’re asking for information, can make or break what happens next.

Greg Dickinson 25:19
Now they’re starting to ask — I’m not sure I like this . Matter fact I know I don’t — they’re starting to ask inside sales BD ours SDR is to give the demo. Gosh, you hired them to prospect and to set meetings, and now you want them to demo. So I think those are the two changes is that pre-sales now, are being pushed into positions where it doesn’t use their resources. And then the demo is being used in the wrong manner.

Greg Dickinson 26:19
75% of all buyers on the very first call within two minutes asked to see the product. And if you don’t they leave.

Greg Dickinson 26:59
You only get one first impression. We all know that a bad product demo can mean “gone.” They’re not coming back. I didn’t like the product, it didn’t do what I thought I’m leaving.

Greg Dickinson 27:17
It used to be, if you follow the 6, 8, 9, 10 stages, the demo was way down. Now., product lead and trials have moved the product experience to be one of the first things that potential buyers want to engage with.

Quotes_235_Jess Dewell

Jess Dewell 28:57
When we’re talking about speed to information to help people with their research, that is the best thing that we can do as a business to reach our customers most effectively in their full scheduled days.

Greg Dickinson 36:38
If we get someone the phone, and they’re just giving us the script, we know it pretty darn quick.

Greg Dickinson 36:57
There’s a great statistic put out by a company called “Price Intelligently” in Boston that said that over the last five years, customer acquisition costs about 55%. If you’re selling a low ACD product, you may actually be in a death spiral.

Greg Dickinson 40:40
No one’s going to sit through a 16 minute video. The average watch time on YouTube was two minutes and 37 seconds. We all like to get something and move on.

Jess Dewell 51:15
We want to keep the conversation moving. We want to figure out where things are going. We also recognize that sometimes silence is good and sometimes it’s not. And that’s a honed intuition that salespeople have.

Greg Dickinson 53:08
If your existing marketing and sales processes are not aligned, there’s friction. When there’s friction, there’s bad results. Period.


What if they sold perfume like we sell software

The buyer has changed, so what?


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How are some of the fastest-growing software companies building their business without salespeople?

Technology changes at an incredible rate, yet many processes used to introduce people to your software haven’t changed at the same rate. The way you introduce your product matters! Jess Dewell, mentor to executives and founders, talks with Greg Dickinson, founder of Omedym, to learn why we face the “death of the salesman.”

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