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How do ensure you work time is productive day to day?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Joe Workman

What You Will Hear:

What the day will hold, is expected to hold, for your day.

Focus on 1 thing per day to get it done, and do it straight away.

As yourself, “What makes today a success?”

New processes and habits take time to stick.

When we make more time its amazing how quickly that time is filled.

Need for flexibility and adaptability is a must for completing work and moving longer term projects forward.

Define achievement for yourself (and hear how we define it).

Document your daily work to track work completed, ideas, and what’s come up.

Look at the required work differently and evaluate how to do it and be who you want to be.

Systems versus excuses versus intent.

How the purpose of the work being done.

How to template processes.

Think tank and Present Retreat require protected time.

Get back up on the bike and keep going.

Evaluate the hats we wear in our business impact how we prioritize.

The role we fill and responsibility we take directly impact achievement.

It’s BOLD to ensure your work time is productive day to day.

Notable and Quotable:

Quotes_236_Joe Workman

Joe Workman 
I guess my number one tip: Set a goal for one thing you want to do that day, and get it done as early as possible in the morning. That one thing that you wanted to get done that day? If you get it done early, then the rest of the day is just gravy.

Jess Dewell 6:32
You’re trying to do something new in your family. Meditation, or cook a meal, or take a family walk. The first thing that happens is, everything else goes whoosh. And it tries to eat away at that time. And it’s usually the thing that we put in last, that’s the first to go out.

Jess Dewell 11:20
If we don’t allow for flexibility and adaptability, what does that mean for our process? And our connection to not only our staff and our teams, but also our customers? And the people that we serve that aren’t our customers too?

Joe Workman 12:02
What do you want to get done today? And if you don’t do it, it’s okay. You know what? Get it done tomorrow. Because if you get it done tomorrow, then it doesn’t matter. Because you got it done, you’re still progressing forward. And that’s the whole point.

Jess Dewell 12:16
When we’re talking about success, we’re talking about seeing this forward movement. We’re talking about visualizing an outcome. We’re talking about being able to go get what we need to get there. But it’s the getting what we need to get to that success or that end goal, that’s where the achievement is.

Joe Workman 12:31
A lot of times will set goals like, “I want to make $10,000 a month.” What does that mean? What are the steps to take to that? That’s not really a quality goal. That’s also an important thing, as well as actually making more goals for the day achievable. What is the one thing? If you do this exact thing, something that’s measurable, that can be like boom, did that and I’m. I’m happy. I achieved my goal for the day.

Joe Workman 18:52
It’s not about the habit. It’s about who you want to be as a person. Like, you don’t want to go to the gym, but you want to be healthier. So you have to convince yourself that you want to be a healthier person. So in order to do that, you need to go to the gym, or you need to eat healthier. It’s all about figuring out who you want to be, and not about just forming some habit that you’re probably going to give up in a month.

Jess Dewell 20:22
When you try and add something, everything else works really hard to erode it. And it’s because of the habits that we have in place. It’s because of the thought process we have in place. And if we’re looking at something wrong, then it’s easier to get eroded, because we don’t have the internal motivation to keep it. To protect it, To welcome it.

Joe Workman 25:01
If something isn’t working, or it’s kind of deteriorating, maybe they’ve deviated from that operating procedure that you’ve created in the past. But you didn’t know because maybe they didn’t like you know,. Maybe that’s somehow where something is deteriorating.

Joe Workman 25:51
It’s always a struggle to relinquish control. And part of that relinquishing control is to creating that system, and then documenting that somehow, whether it’s it’s a video or if it’s an actual document. Then you can pass off to somebody to redo.

Jess Dewell 26:35
I think some people are trying to delegate too soon. They’re like, “Well, I gotta get this done.” But there’s not a connection to how does this fit with my long term strategy? If I allow somebody else to do this, how does this impact my day? And there’s a question that people ask on a regular basis. Is this the highest and best use of my time? You know, what? If we don’t know every step of our business, it may not be. And we may not be equipped to answer that question.

Quotes_236_Jess Dewell

Joe Workman 29:09
When you’re just starting out, I think it’s very important to really understand all the ins and outs in your business. Know how everything is done, so that when you delegate it out to somebody, you know how everything should be done, and what your standards are.

Joe Workman 31:52
I have a think tank called the shower. And it’s where I do all my best thinking.

Jess Dewell 32:20
People are always telling me, “I get my best ideas in the shower, when I am commuting, and when I’m on the toilet.” And the reason is, because those are the times you’re actually alone and have space to allow your brain to have other things.

Joe Workman 37:35
If you fall off the bike, you just got to get back on it. Same thing with your daily goals. If you crash and you burn, you got to get back on the bike and just keep going. The only way to move forward is to get back on the bike and keep pedaling. And don’t think about if you fell down, or if you fail that one time. It doesn’t matter in the long run. If you still know where your destination is, the way to get there is to get back on the bike. You’re not going to get to where you want to go by crying that you scratch your knee because you fell through bike.

Joe Workman 50:52
It’s okay if you’re not productive in a day. I think that’s probably the most bold thing that can say is, “That’s okay.” Because getting back on that bike tomorrow, and making tomorrow successful, and achieve those goals. I think that’s the most bold thing that we can say is that, “It’s okay not to get things done one day as long as the next day you get back on that street.”


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How do you ensure work time is productive day to day?

With so many distractions and opportunities, focus can be difficult. What you do, the habits you cultivate, reinforce your ability to achieve your goals. Jess Dewell, mentor to executives and founders, discusses productivity, time, and more with guest Joe Workman, technology entrepreneur.

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