Standards are given to us, and we can make our own. With a basic human need to be accepted, we adopt others standards, sometimes before figuring out of we believe in them. It’s constant and conscious work to belong and have our own identity. Hosted by Jessica Dewell, this Leaders Discuss panel features Lynn Abate Johnson and Christine L Bowen where we consider the question: How do we decide what our standard is?

Program 28 - Set Your StandardStarting the conversation…

  • Standard means:
    • Noun: a level of quality or attainment. an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluation.
    • Adjective: used or accepted as normal or average.
  • How do we decide what our standard is? How do we live to that standard?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panel: Christine L Bowen, Lynn Abate Johnson

What you will hear:

Each panelist starts setting standards with core values.

Virtue and value are interchangeable.

Manageable number of values – articulated and memorable.

Personal experiences about discovering personal core values.

Answers to the question: How do you set your standard?

Our internal dialog can get in the way of transitioning from meeting to meeting.

Know our priorities. It takes time to figure that out.

Judgement is not a bad thing.

Results aren’t immediate. It might take a long time to recognize forward movement is happening.

Systems are necessary and allow us to keep our standard and realize the benefits.

What are the key concepts to building systems for support.

Help ourselves first, then can help others.

Get over yourself and ask for help.

Checks and balances to know where to look and who to rely on.

Notable & Quotable:

Christine L Bowen: I’m always challenging the status quo.

Lynn Abate Johnson: I was raised with productivity as a standard.

Christine L Bowen: When I realized I couldn’t answer … Who am I? …I started to court myself to learn more about me.

Lynn Abate Johnson: I take pride in investing in myself. It’s my continuing education.

Lynn Abate Johnson: When things happen in life that throw us off course, we can get back on track easier [with standards].

Jessica Dewell: Priorities are the vibrant threads we weave into the tapestry of our life.

Christine L Bowen: My mission is to rewire, reset our creative mindset.

Christine L Bowen: Challenge what we are thinking.

Lynn Abate Johnson: Celebrate the differences and the world would be a better place.

Lynn Abate Johnson: Small wins matter too.

Jessica Dewell: I can only look at things from my perspective and decide if I want to do it (or not).

Christine L Bowen: My mom is wise.

Christine L Bowen: Give ourselves the conscious space and feel the feeling to move on.

Lynn Abate Johnson: We determine our identity.

Jessica Dewell: There are systems to our relationships, and how we build them.

Christine L Bowen: I built the courage to allow people to see what I’m working on and not fear being judged.

Lynn Abate Johnson: Even if I could do everything by myself, I wouldn’t want to – it’s more fun to work with other people.


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