Our happiness is relative because what makes us happy isn’t the same for everyone. That’s a common myth. Busting through to talk about our core strengths – our super powers – and how to own them. The question they are answering: What’s your super power and how did you discover it? This Leaders Discuss program is hosted by Jessica Dewell, the panel includes: Joel Dawson, Carmen Rojas, Geoffrey X Lane, and Christine L Bowen.

Program 29 - SuperpowerStarting The Conversation…

  • Happiness and core innate strengths.
  • What’s your super power and how did you discover it?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Pannel: Carmen Rojas, Christine L Bowen, Joel Dawson, Geoffrey X Lane

What You Will Hear:

Super powers make us happy and bring us success.

Our beliefs and life approach are influenced by our strengths. They come easy to us.

How our strengths may also be a weakness.

Accept the way we are. Don’t give too much away.

Know when to share opinion. Ask for permission to share opinions.

How to control strengths and understand weakness to fully show up.

Use our own reaction and experience to choose what we must do – even if that intimidates others.

Gratitude, honesty…and we are the example.

Our values and our super powers. Panelists share their top 1-2 personal values.

Take responsibility for your core strength.

Process takes patience.

Be real.

Responsibility is owning ourselves and how we choose to act.

Notable & Quotable:

Carmen Rojas: My super power is a weakness at times, and I see things in a very matter of fact way.

Christine L Bowen: My values are my super powers.

Geoffrey X Lane: What [people] want to to have a real connection with you.

Joel Dawson: We all have a  [superpower] gift.

Carmen Rojas: Tricky when we are the only one in the room that thinks a certain way.

Geoffrey X Lane: What I see isn’t necessarily the truth, but I’m good at reading what’s going on.

Christine L Bowen: Carmen cracked me up. I’m an artsy visual communicator.

Joel Dawson: I worked harder than the ordinary person to build my skills.

Jessica Dewell: Consciously choose our strength, living our quest and standing in our power.

Carmen Rojas: If I have to tell [my son] to be himself, I have to be myself too.

Christine L Bowen: It’s a daily effort to be in full alignment.

Joel Dawson: I’m proud to say I have core values because at one time I didn’t have any.

Jessica Dewell: It is not always easy to live with the values we’ve chosen (in the spectrum of definitions) – we must be responsible.

Geoffrey X Lane: Never ever squash [your superpower].


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