Company culture is first. Rewards are second. Rewards are clear and reinforce the mission (delivery of the product) and how we create a work space that allows people to come together to do work and still be on their own journey. From life to learning to collaboration you’ll hear it all during this conversation where Jessika Phillips joins Jessica Dewell to talk about the Power of Effective Rewards.

Program 45 - Power of Effective RewardsStarting the conversation…

  • Where is a place in business that the use of rewards is underutilized or missing, and what can we do about it?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Co-host: Jessika Phillips

What You Will Hear:

When we know what we offer, it makes it easier to onboard clients and increase length of relationship.

Outline of when (and where) work is done.

Adapt work flows in the way it’s always done vs switching up the game.

Tips to create change in our culture.

Things break down, and what we can do about it.

See what’s going on. Notice.

Use the culture to inform about changes in performance and involvement.

A process to make sure there is a fit with new hires.

Four steps to empathy.

Ways to implement work/life touch points.

The bolts thing that Jessika Phillips does in her business.

Notable & Quotable:

Jessika Phillips: NOW stands for No Opportunity Wasted.

Jessika Phillips: If you want me to give you my time, give me your trust.

Jessica Dewell: What exists right now doesn’t mean it will always exist that way.

Jessica Dewell: Be clear about who we work with and stick to it.

Jessika Phillips: When problems concern the team, they hear about it and are part of the solution.

Jessika Phillips: We showcase our culture each month with a NOWy award.

Jessica Dewell: Collaboration creates innovation.

Jessika Phillips: It took [a lot of] time to repair the damage that happened when we had culture cancer.

Jessika Phillips: Ask for and use feedback.

Jessica Dewell: I don’t have to feel what they are feeling, I don’t have to understand what they are going through, I must notice it.

Jessika Phillips: Life happens, our team gets more work done because we remove worry around what life brings us.

Jessika Phillips: The amount of work we do is crazy good and is a direct reflection of the attention we put into our company culture.

Jessika Phillips: Why compete on price?


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