The many facets of ‘me first’ including self doubt, social perspective, accountability, responsibility.

Avoid this trap by putting yourself first. Just know what we want, hat the outcomes of our choices are ours, and that sometimes we must say what’s on our mind (respectfully). Society has told us that some things just happen to us. Those that stand out – that are sought after – understand the facets of me first. They recognize they will have self doubt (and handle it). They understand peer pressure and company culture for how things are done. They are accountable for future things that haven’t happened yet (that fall into their role). They are responsible and accept outcomes. Jessica Dewell and Ivana Taylor talk about reactions, misconceptions, and the truth of me first.

Program 48 - Me First!Starting the conversation…

  • What matters most in relationships and connection?
  • Why putting ourself first is bold.

Host: Jessica Dewell
Co-host: Ivana Taylor

What You Will Hear:

Built in animal instincts. What our job is: functioning contributing member of the team.

Big complaint: people can get a job, and then don’t have the skills to keep that job.

Misunderstanding of service leadership. (Are we indian givers?)

What contribution really is.

Why am I here? Part of this team… Filling this role…

If there are dishes in the sink, God wants you to do them. – Unknown Buddhist Nun

When things don’t go our way, change the choice.

It’s easy to give others responsibly for us (and our choices).

When we don’t communicate and expect others to know what’s going on.

Personal responsibility of me first.

What’s THE thing to focus on? Spend time to find it.

The either/or of me first.

Me first (as a business) and the relationship to customers.

The complexity of Me First

Notable & Quotable:

Ivana Taylor: I’m not concerned with whether [my child] likes me or not.

Jessica Dewell: Even though challenges are different, it’s about consistency.

Jessica Dewell: Give service without expectation.

Ivana Taylor: There is a distinction between service and contribution.

Jessica Dewell: Sometimes, me first is just surviving. It doesn’t have to be BIG.

Ivana Taylor: It’s a choice every single day.

Ivana Taylor: What’s the alternative?

Ivana Taylor: Trust is required to work together.

Ivana Taylor: Goals do not come first. Why we are there is first. Trust is second.

Jessica Dewell: Ask questions and find gaps to discuss and choose what to do.

Jessica Dewell: It is my choice.

Ivana Taylor: I have untrained and do not use the word ‘or’ because ‘and’ get things to happen together.

Jessica Dewell: When we say yes to something we say no to something else.

Jessica Dewell: Complexity pisses of customers.

Ivana Taylor: Sometimes, just say you are sorry.

Ivana Taylor: Recognize that the other person has a me first too.

Jessica Dewell: Are we a business that structures so much that our people can’t find the solution with the best outcome of the situation?


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