Rejection is usually something we experience FROM another, and this panel (with Dr. Federico Fioretto, Shane Sturgeon, Dr. Ryan Marchman hosted by Jessica Dewell) discusses shifting the lens to looks outside of ourselves because rejection shows up everywhere.

Our reactions to rejection are influenced by our past experience. Rejection shows up everywhere, and our mindset matters. There is polarization that comes with rejection and looking at our response to rejection may help us grow and develop skills. Jessica Dewell hosts a panel discussion on How to Handle Rejection with Dr. Federico Fioretto, Shane Sturgeon, Dr. Ryan Marchman.

Program 50 - How to Handle RejectionStarting the conversation…

  • What does rejection mean to you, and how do you respond to it?
  • How does self awareness and our reactions come into play when we are rejected?
  • What tips help us move through rejection?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Panel: Dr. Federico Fioretto, Shane Sturgeon, Dr. Ryan Marchman

What You Will Hear:

Realize that being rejected happens to us every day.

Question outcomes to evaluate what was missed or to change next time.

Tips of what personal awareness around rejection look like.

Quality of questions asked around rejection.

What rejection really means.

The “but” of a conversation.

Stories about miscommunication, and that it starts with a look inside.

Change, resistance and shared meaning.

Add value and give quality output.

Recognize gray areas and be solid in what we want.

It is bold as a leader to reject honestly.

Notable & Quotable:

Shane Sturgeon: Rejection is part of every day life.

Federico Fioretto: I look within to determine my state of mind.

Ryan Marchman: Every time you’ve been rejected, there is a hidden benefit.

Shane Sturgeon: Rejection is when someone disagrees with [my work].

Federico Fioretto: Rejection is when others don’t think what we do is a priority.

Ryan Marchman: Rejection is about our state of mind.

Jessica Dewell: ‘But’ stops a conversation. It is not positive criticism.

Ryan Marchman: Values are what actions you take and priorities you choose in your daily life.

Federico Fioretto: When we want to change the world we must have more than a beautiful heart; we need a competence.

Shane Sturgeon: Give people much shorter milestones to help them see progress.

Federico Fioretto: When I am consistent with myself, it’s not selfishness – it’s the best contribution I can bring.

Jessica Dewell: It’s vulnerable to consider how we handle rejection and consider how to just be ourself.

Jessica Dewell: Socialization made us timid about saying what we want, and second guess ourself.

Ryan Marchman: There are times when I don’t live to my highest values.

Shane Sturgeon: Rejection is something we are not going to do (which is part of business strategy).

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