Win-win-win is when we take the time to pull information out of our people more than direct them with decisions to get the job done.

There is power in what each person brings to the team and it’s a challenge for leaders to find it. The challenge is that it takes time, that people have different ideas, and that we get in our own way. It’s easy to decide and tell what work will be done, yet that creates an upper limit of what is possible. Jessica Dewell hosts Voice of Bold Business panelists Jeff Sherman, Lori Anding, and Iva Ignjatovic to discuss the reality of win-win-win as a strategy for leaders today.

Program 52 - Winfinity - More Than an IdealStarting the conversation…

  • How do we create an idea/proposal that is a win-win-win?
  • What do we think about?
  • Why does it matter?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Panel: Lori Anding, Jeff Sherman, Iva Ignjatovic

What You Will Hear:

Start with listening, and then listen more.

Create opportunity with trust.

Real collaboration.

Different intentions, different goals, one meeting.

Transparency is clarity about what we are doing.

Bring our best self and stay open to who we are.

Tips for dealing with strong personalities, conflict, and even stretch.

Conflicts are not always solvable (and sometimes is only within us) yet is a creative spark to get stuff done.

It’s bold, as a leader, to create win-win-win.

Notable & Quotable:

Jeff Sherman: I’m gathering clues, and I gain perspective.

Jeff Sherman: Beyond mediocrity, dreams are found.

Iva Ignjatovic: My success is your success, and your success is my success.

Lori Anding: Hear’s what you need, and this is what I want to get out of it.

Lori Anding: When we listen, and we figure out what someone really needs, we figure out the commonality in a situation.

Jeff Sherman: Be vulnerable.

Iva Ignjatovic: I reach out and talk to a person and hear what they have to say before a meeting with them.

Jessica Dewell: I know a lot about [my clients], and I look for clues of culture in each and every meeting to know how transparent they are.

Jessica Dewell: When it comes to transparency – it’s easy to get in our own way.

Jeff Sherman: The more transparent an individual is, the more focus they are in their intent.

Jeff Sherman: I go to a meeting to make a difference.

Lori Anding: Transparency insights trust.

Jeff Sherman: Can you create more good by inspiring than by impressing?

Jessica Dewell: There is a fine line between stretch and conflict.

Jeff Sherman: We all want to be understood.

Iva Ignjatovic: Sometimes people think conflict is around the corner, yet it’s just different opinions.

Lori Anding: We can’t force people to be transparent.

Jeff Sherman: Being right may not be correct.

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