It’s what we do after we’ve practiced (and mastered) the steps to listening that will set us apart from others because experiential listening is filled with the desire to collaborate, communicate, and empower others.

Somewhere along the line, we’ve moved so far into accomplishment that we’ve forgotten about the power of modeling. So we seek out, on our own, how to learn soft skills. Everyone can learn the steps. And, everyone (if they choose to take on the responsibility) we watch and learn from others and then choose the next step. It is bold to listen because we will find ourselves on an adventure. Jessica Dewell and Marilyn Shannon discuss the Power of Listening.

Program 53 - Power of ListeningStarting the conversation…

  • What is the most misunderstood part of listening?
  • How far do the steps to learning listening as a soft skill take us?
  • Doing listening vs listening listening.

Host: Jessica Dewell
Cohost: Marilyn Shannon

What You Will Hear:

Steps to listening alone are limiting – how to move past them to listening with connection?

Listening is simpler than we give it credit for. And accepting what we hear.

Listening traps exist and its by experiencing them we learn to listen more.

Stories of what listening allows us to use time effectively.

How do you know you have someones attention?

Listening is not always easy.

Multi-team interactions require listening to deliver the product on time and budget.

Non-judgement in phrasing, tone, language.

Things don’t always work out, and that’s ok because there is something there to learn.

When to use why questions…and change statements to questions.

Easier to deal with different opinions when we listen and being careful.

We wait to long and give our power away, and we give away our right to choose.

Leaders that listen will find that things change.

Notable & Quotable:

Marilyn Shannon: Form a question.

Jessica Dewell: Leave space on purpose.

Marilyn Shannon: If you don’t get it all from listening, it’s not the time to hear it.

Jessica Dewell: How I show up and be present matters to learning listening.

Marilyn Shannon: Start a listening practice. Take in the experience.

Jessica Dewell: We might not even be on the same page … and when I recognized it … I resolved the issue and we moved forward (after many days).

Marilyn Shannon: It’s harder to really listen, but it is not painful.

Jessica Dewell: Every team in a company has sales in their role.

Marilyn Shannon: We give words meaning, so don’t get stuck on it.

Marilyn Shannon: It may take 10 times to get the knowledge that is when the listening practice is working.

Jessica Dewell: She’s saying the same thing I am in a different way!

Jessica Dewell: Listening practice gives us the information we need to know, recognize, and choose how to approach firecrackers.

Marilyn Shannon: Listen to empower.


Elephants in the (Conference) Room

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