This program looks into the fine line between asking for help and giving away the responsibility of the outcome with asking for help and then doing the work.

Businesses suffer when leaders make choices that limit their ability to grow and scale. It’s a fine line between asking for help (to learn) and asking for help to delegate. The willingness to learn, to ask (the right people), and know exactly what is needed are all components of being our own advocate as well as knowing who’s on board for our success. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Dr. Ryan Marchman and Tonya Dalhaus.

Program 55 - Who's on Board for Our Success?Starting the conversation…

  • We want to be successful, so who must we have relationships with to achieve our goals?
  • Asking for help.

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panel: Dr. Ryan Marchman, Tonya Dalhaus

What You Will Hear:

A poor (or non-existent) network is unnecessary to be successful.

Even when we think we are doing everything on our own, we are not.

Difference between friends and family and people that are part of our journey.

Show up vs SHOW UP: when (and who) to ask for help.

Common confusion: the power of doing the work isn’t giving away our personal power.

How we ask for help is a place for giving away power and responsibility.

Stories about when to know we’ve grown out of our mentors.

Notable & Quotable:

Tonya Dalhaus: You need to believe in yourself and you will do what it takes to get there.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: You have 100% responsibly for your own success.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: Even people who have few relationships still rely on other people to exist, and that reliance comes from the cooperation of every other person.

Tonya Dalhaus: If the world is punching you in the face, use that to become better.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: When we are independent as a child, we forget how to ask for help. We are not so important we have to make the impact ourself.

Tonya Dalhaus: Make sure to ask the right people who are willing to help you and see our success the same way we do.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: I seek out mentors to learn and then build a relationship so that I can ask for help.

Jessica Dewell: There is confusion between being shown what to do and being accountable to learn.

Tonya Dalhaus: When accountable, we dive in and do the work after we ask for help.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: By not asking for help limits the number of people we can help through our business.

Jessica Dewell: Business owners dump tasks without understanding the role the tasks play in the business.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: When there is a shift from mentor to friend, and I can still go to them for advice.

Jessica Dewell: When the boundaries are clear, we can create a space for others to show up and learn.

Tonya Dalhaus: Help through mistakes, not judge the mistakes to get the best out of our people.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: You can control your effort, not necessarily the outcome.


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