It’s important to recognize busy, stress, and even panic to be able to do something about it.

We all have 24 hours in a day, so it’s how we use it. Sure you’ve heard it before…but not like this. This conversation is about moving away from hyper-efficiency toward mindfulness. Our self awareness combined with our selectively chosen values is where creativity, contribution, and satisfaction in our actions come out. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Dr. Ryan Marchman, Julie Thenell, and Palma Michel to explore what are the cues we are working too much and what do we do about it?

Program 57 - Burning the Candle at Both EndsStarting the conversation…

  • What are the cues we are working too much and what do we do about it?
  • How does stress show up?
  • How can we push the envelope and get the most possible out of ourselves to reach our goals?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Panel: Dr. Ryan Marchman, Palma Michel, Julie Thenell

What You Will Hear:

Questions to ask ourselves to notice if we are outside of our normal state.

Symptoms of not living to our highest values.

When reptilian brain takes over.

Do one thing at a time.

High priority actions can easily be replaced with many low priority actions.

Delegation taken too far vs mental resistance.

Build internal resourcefulness.

Tips on how to start a self awareness practice.

Difference between satisfied and fulfilled.

Notable & Quotable:

Julie Thenell: A lot of times things to do adds to the stress [of a busy life] – so instead I pose questions.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: We’re all doing something for 24 hours. You can’t do more or less in that 24 hours. Are those doings in line with your highest values?

Palma Michel: Shift from time management to energy management.

Palma Michel: If we continuously multitask, it’s hard to enjoy any of those activities.

Julie Thenell: Instead of talking about how busy I am, I changed my vocabulary to rich and full.

Jessica Dewell: In whatever we are doing and how fast we run, priorities matter.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: When the quality of life and work is enhanced we are less prone to burnout.

Jessica Dewell: When recovery from a task takes 2-3x as much time as the task itself…figure out how to change the outcome with help through delegation or out sourcing.

Palma Michel: Get perspective and recognize mental chatter.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: Resourcefulness can be enhanced by the knowledge of other professionals to help you in your creation.

Julie Thenell: People, when they reach out, expect to be told to give up. I look at where to add instead.

Jessica Dewell: Be self reflective and choose priority.

Jessica Dewell: It’s amazing where we can find joy, when we look for it.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: The most important parts of your life are supported by every other area of life.

Julie Thenell: Change is difficult, be realistic.

Palma Michel: Notice what’s dominating your field of awareness.


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