Sometimes the crisis is knowing what we have to do regardless if we like it and how do we move forward with what we have…by stopping, dropping, and rolling we can start making decisions.

Stop, drop, and roll is for more than putting out a fire. It’s about building awareness to when we react (outwardly or inwardly). Where there are people there are emotions and where there are strong emotions a lack of a process means that a charged misunderstanding can turn into a crisis. Listen in as Jessica Dewell and Stephanie Sims talk about a process to get to the root cause of a business crisis.

Program 58 - Root Cause of a Business CrisisStarting the conversation…

  • Stop, drop, and roll business problems: habits for communication.
  • Dig into the problem to find out if it is the root cause.

Host: Jessica Dewell
Cohost: Stephanie Sims

What You Will Hear:

Stop. Define root cause, and put a process around solving problems.

Recognize when we have the answer … all the time.

Complex rules cause more communication issues than necessary. (Our standards.)

Drop. Get data to better understand what’s going on.

Disconnect from the immediate crisis to get clear about us.

Separation of business and personal doesn’t serve us or our emotions.

Patterns of emotion, self awareness when there is no solution.

Roll. Find the root cause (maybe just not in the moment).

Common language for words in each area of business (our employees, our customers, and our vendors).

4E’s of Leadership Jack Welch used.

Making sure everyone knows where we are going.

Roll. Execution and using the decisions that have been made.

Look at what’s being said, what’s liked, what’s confusing and evaluate processes and situations.

Notable & Quotable:

Jessica Dewell: We are going forward with the experiences we’ve already had.

Stephanie Sims: Putting out fires feels heroic, and sometimes we need to just save ourselves.

Stephanie Sims: Plowing through is, sometimes, not the right answer.

Jessica Dewell: We can never do the right thing when we feel bad or are angry about something.

Stephanie Sims: There is power in getting something out of our brain onto paper.

Jessica Dewell: Sometimes there is no [obvious] solution.

Stephanie Sims: We need to trust our team to have a conversation about our values.

Jessica Dewell: What work has already been done that I can use here?

Stephanie Sims: It only takes [one negative response] for someone to let go of company values.


Tags: emotion management, communication, problem solving, planning, culture, development, standards, self awareness, priorities, curiosity, credibility, systems