There are many ways to procrastinate, to avoid procrastination, and even use procrastination to our advantage.

Procrastination is such a problem that productivity is a $58 billion dollar industry. What if it weren’t that complicated? What if it is just a trap (lack of motivation, anxiety about a tasks, or fear of success)? You’ll hear Jessica Dewell and Jason Michael discuss procrastination and it’s flip side – what happens when we have passed procrastination and how we show up in our lives and in our work.

Program 59 - Flip Side of ProcrastinationStarting the conversation…

  • We all face procrastination.
  • How we handle procrastination – filtering, planning

Host: Jessica Dewell
Cohost: Jason Michael

Transcript for Program: Flip Side of Procrastination

What You Will Hear:

What do I feel, how do I organize, what do I do with procrastination (to accomplish the task).

Power of a plan (an outline) & apps to help us out.

Put many moving pieces (and people) together.

Approaches to planning. Know yourself and how we work on projects. (Know your team & how will work on projects.)

Three traps that hide behind procrastination.

Traits that successful people have.

Vulnerability and shame. The examples around us.

When we DO NOT have the answer.

Notable & Quotable:

Jason Michael: Bits and pieces of planning will help us get our work done.

Jessica Dewell: Making lasting change takes time, and we must take the time.

Jason Michael: My dad always uses sticky notes in his car to keep track of tasks in a day.

Jessica Dewell: I create the things I must do (so, I use sticky notes).

Jason Michael: I chunk projects and include where I go to get the information.

Jessica Dewell: I collect the stuff I need to get a project done first.

Jason Michael: I eliminate distractions by giving myself planned distraction time.

Jessica Dewell: We’re all interconnected, whether we think we are or not.

Jessica Dewell: When someone makes a mistake. Notice it with them. And the, think about the now what.


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