What is the most important investment for a business? That is the topic of today’s conversation. Leaders discuss what matters most, right now and how their business is laser focused on it. Can you just pick one thing? This panel did it. It’s difficult to have so many daily tasks and monthly responsibilities, that putting focus on the right action right now. While hard to do, its important to understand how what we do today impacts what we can do in the future.

THE Most Important Business InvestmentStarting the conversation…

What is THE best investment for your company right now?

Good To Great p 51
“Nucor rejected the old adage that people are your most important asset. In a good to great transformation, people are not your most important asset, the RIGHT people are.”

Host: Jessica Dewell
Panel: Carmen Rojas, Joel Dawson

What you will hear:

Invest in our business…now.

Testing and finishing core areas to invest in.

Communication between sales and marketing.

How to best use all the information available to us – cross department.

Quality or quantity: two very different focuses.

Communication of written and unwritten agreement. Gap between what we say will we do and what actually happens.

What finishing strong looks and feels like – the experience of it.

4 ways to motivate people, your custom combination builds on your culture.

Shared meaning is more than using the same words.

Leaders be on the same page about ‘what are we doing.’

Document: What have we learned? How does it add value?

Ruthlessness, unawareness, of the communication between sales and marketing.

Marketing and sales together train customers, and together they can change behaviors.

Work is rigorous and courageous. (And, what that means).

What the important business investment is 18 months from now.

Notable & Quotable

Carmen Rojas: Chivalry is not dead.

Carmen Rojas: Give self space to make a mistake and go back and fix it.

Joel Dawson: We want to finish strong in the last quarter of the year.

Joel Dawson: We have to finish strong.

Jessica Dewell: It comes down to how we prepare what we say, the words we use, and model what we do.

Joel Dawson: When everyone is on the same page, the tension goes away and it is more profitable.

Jessica Dewell: Create independence at every level.

Carmen Rojas: Know what you want. Do you want quality or quantity of leads.

Jessica Dewell: What we actually model for ourselves and teams matter.

Carmen Rojas: End of year pushes for the end of the year start in June for marketing.

Joel Dawson: Being a leader is not for the faint of heart.

Jessica Dewell: We can still by the seat of our pants but we have to know what direction we are flying.


Good To Great


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