Men and women all need self compassion and this Voice of Bold Business program explores what compassion looks like, feels like, and how it is experienced.

Our world is fast and it seems like we must move at the pace of the world. When we do, we’re more tired, less engaged and even less present with the people in our lives. Compassion and self care are not old fashioned. Compassion and self care are necessary to grow, to live, to thrive. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Tom Rhodes, Amanda Brazel, and Donna Danielle to answer the question: what would I say to someone I deeply care about who was struggling with the same issue I am?

Program 60 - Compassion and Self CareStarting the conversation…

  • What would I say to someone I deeply care about who was struggling with the same issue I am?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panel: Tom Rhodes, Donna Danielle, Amanda Brazel

Transcript for Program: Compassion and Self Care

What You Will Hear:

It’s hard work to be with our own feelings, and harder to be with someone else (without trying to fix their feelings).

How we relate what we do ourselves and make space for how the emotions of others show up – listen first.

Lots of reasons we don’t take time for self-care.

How we show up and what we can do to show up fully (using skills and tools).

Men and women all must learn compassion and self care. Know our needs. Know our role models.

Tips from personal experience about building in self care.

What self care looks like in each of the panelists lives.

Notable & Quotable:

Donna Danielle: Healing comes from processing our emotions using compassionate listening.

Tom Rhodes: Our story is not the same as another person’s story…as close as they may be.

Amanda Brazel: Self love is radical acceptance of oneself.

Jessica Dewell: Pick one thing to practice compassion and actively do it.

Donna Danielle: Open our hearts to whatever’s happening.

Tom Rhodes: Find time for yourself in order to be great for other people.

Amanda Brazel: We can lead by example and be [self loving] in the world.

Tom Rhodes: We fight the same [self-love] battles but doesn’t always look like it because society tells [men] to internalize our emotions.

Jessica Dewell: Escape and avoidance can come from actives that started with the intention of doing something for ourselves.

Donna Danielle: Take time for ourself and do one thing: notice and be present.

Tom Rhodes: I focus on one thing – the one thing – I need to accomplish.

Amanda Brazel: Share silence with someone. That is powerful.


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