Listen in to experience THE Best Question modeled throughout this program, and discover how purposeful questions build relationships.

Our ability to see what’s going in a conversation directly relates to our world view and life experience. The opportunity to build relationships from being understood is only part of our responsibility in communication. The other half is the meaning of the words being used. Jessica Dewell hosts Scott Scowcroft and Jeff Sherman to discuss THE Best Question.

Program 61 - THE Best QuestionStarting the conversation…

  • How do we find/formulate THE Best Question?
  • What’s the purpose of  a question?
  • What do we think about as we figure out the problem our question wants to solve?
  • Common pitfalls questions can ‘fall into’?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panel: Jeff Sherman, Scott Scowcroft

Transcript of Program: THE Best Question

What You Will Hear:

Questioning takes focus.

Trust is required to get a real answer to a question.

The intention of questions.

How to build trust through questions.

The process to find uncommon questions.

“Let me ask you a follow up question.”

Clear expectations and speak up to stay on purpose.

How we show up and the context we bring to an interaction.

Past experience, our conditioning, require bridge building.

When preparation makes the difference (because we all shortcut).

Skill to practice to ask better questions.

Notable & Quotable:

Jeff Sherman: Asking THE RIGHT question dials it in.

Scott Scowcroft: A question well asked elicits original thinking or uncovers something hidden.

Jeff Sherman: Be honest about the information we’re trying to get.

Scott Scowcroft: Get a response is half the battle, and the other half is knowing what the end goal is.

Jessica Dewell: Redirect respectfully.

Jeff Sherman: Contextual meaning with respect for the answers contributes to a meeting.

Jeff Sherman: We speak to be understood and we must speak to never be misunderstood.

Jessica Dewell: Choose the words we use to communicate carefully.

Scott Scowcroft: Have your act together in the first place!

Jeff Sherman: I must listen without bias when I ask a question.


Dale Carnegie: The most important thing about a person is themselves.

Tags: information gathering, resolution, focus, trust, vulnerability, body language, nonverbal communication, communication, honesty, opportunities, listening, redirect, expectation, assumptions, preparation