Trust and influence are only go as far as the depth of our relationships.

Our motives for seeking and using influence is the first clue to the type of leader we are. Soft skills like service to others, trust, credibility, and honesty are just a few mentioned that make up what others perceive about our trustworthiness and influence. It’s how we communicate as well as the action we take that tells people who we are. Listen to Jessica Dewell host panelists Adam Kroll and Tom Rhodes discuss situations and systems to use trust and influence.

Program 62 - Trust and InfluenceStarting the conversation…

  • What do people overlook in interactions that impacts their influence?
  • Are there purposeful steps to build influence, and what are they?
  • How do trust and influence interplay/overlap?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panel: Tom Rhodes, Adam Kroll

What You Will Hear:

What people overlook is their actions.

Causing effect in partnership indirectly by serving a need.

It’s never about us – and that’s the key to transparency.

Levels of trust.

Transparency as a business leader: common goals and negotiations.

Transparency gets messy quickly.

Trust and it’s effect on seeking influence versus owning our influence.

Quality in as well as use of relationships.

What makes influence a (bold) trait for a business leader today.

Notable & Quotable:

Tom Rhodes: Earn trust by backing people up when they need you.

Adam Kroll: Influence is how well you can serve the need of your partner.

Jessica Dewell: Even when [our partner] doesn’t know what they want, we can figure it out.

Tom Rhodes: Understand their integrity and character to be able to buy in [to what they say].

Adam Kroll: Be consistent and bring all elements of trust into our actions.

Tom Rhodes: I’m counting on information from vendors so I can do my job and take care of my people effectively.

Adam Kroll: Transparencies to a process allow us to look at efficiencies that help everybody.

Jessica Dewell: Leader skill development is needed for how to, when and what information to share with others effectively.

Adam Kroll: It doesn’t have to be technical to be a system.

Tom Rhodes: To help people be successful, put them into positions where they can be successful (even if that means it’s at another company).

Adam Kroll: Titles are an assumption of influence.

Tom Rhodes: I can learn so much about what’s really happening by talking to everyone, not just managers.


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