What to do when we stumble into unwritten agreements and breaking rules, then, learning from the outcomes.

Sometimes being up front is counter intuitive because we don’t like to show vulnerability or to say ‘no’ to paying customers. Pausing to assess provides a way to get perspective before we open our mouths … so what comes out (and the intent we have) is useful. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Howard Strauber, Jeff Sherman, and Andrew Jenkins to answer and discuss: What’s a rule you broke and what was the outcome and lesson?

Program 63 - Broken Rules and the ResultsStarting the conversation…

  • What’s a rule you broke and what was the outcome and lesson?
  • Sometimes we don’t know we’re breaking rules because there are unwritten agreements in business culture.
  • Rules and Freedom (anarch vs advice vs compliance vs creativity)

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panelists: Howard Strauber, Andrew Jenkins, Jeff Sherman

What you will hear:

Sometimes the rules we break have poor outcomes – like losing customers.

Unwritten and cultural rules.

Rules are in life AND business, use the tools we have to discover them.

Create an environment that people want to follow.

How to find the unwritten rules in our environments.

Facing the gaps in values and approaches bring teams together and what questions to ask.

Actively notice and decide the culture to know if there is a need to break unwritten rules (or at least make them known).

Notable & Quotable

Howard Strauber: There is a cause and effect to each of our actions.

Andrew Jenkins: I broke a rule for the right reasons and in the right way.

Jeff Sherman: Obstacles are not always obstacles, we must look at the tools we have and act.

Jeff Sherman: We will have the best outcome when both parties show up with character.

Andrew Jenkins: Take time to build rapport.

Jessica Dewell: We can shift the dynamic in a conversation just by showing up differently.

Howard Strauber: Boundaries are nuances to observe.

Jeff Sherman: Accountability brings the greatest structure (of character) to a company.

Howard Strauber: Own up to our actions.

Andrew Jenkins: People may pick up the wrong unwritten rule.

Andrew Jenkins: Unwritten rules come from pervasive leadership.

Jessica Dewell: A good leadership team knows what the culture is (values) and invites the team to join them.

Jeff Sherman: We establish culture with action we invite and empower our people.

Jessica Dewell: Habits have easy steps to learn and require constant effort to create.

Andrew Jenkins: Don’t be bitten by the unwritten.

Howard Strauber: Know about the reliability of each member of the team.

Jeff Sherman: Create positivity around a new habit to present ideas and action in a repeatable way.


Tags: listening, rapport, unwritten agreements, character, communication, trust, responsibility, defensiveness, boundaries, accountability, results, productivity