We are the biggest factor in how much disruption effects the value we add to our business.

Understanding the marketplace and what’s changing takes time, and that time is something that companies tend to downplay putting effort into. Every leader has the same 24 hours in a day, and more and more the ability to stop and think, to observe and analyze, as well as question thinking are the leaders that will take their businesses to the next round. To be part of the 33% of businesses that survive (and thrive) for 10 years or more. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Shane Sturgeon and Palma Michel to discuss how do we look for the next big shakeups in our industry?

Program 65 - DisruptionStarting The Conversation:

  • How do you (and do you suggest) companies look for what will be the next big shakeups in their industry?
  • What is the current ‘norm’ of thinking and how do people get outside of it to do something new and different that adds value?
  • What are the skills we need to cultivate to stay employable when disruption happens?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panelists: Shane Sturgeon, Palma Michel

What You Will Hear:

3 Factors to analyze disruption.

Focus on the customer and the increased points of contact with them.

Recognize that disruption includes looking at vulnerabilities.

Dreams of founders: make the world a better place.

Iterate versus leap (and how it relates to pain – business pain).

Don’t forget to look at the absurd industries – they can become our competition.

Stuck in the old rules. Question our thinking.

Keep the product (and us) relevant as we deal with change.

Where we add value. When there is too much automation. Different ways to do the same things.

Leaders that embrace and look for disruption are bold.

Notable and Quotable:

Shane Sturgeon: Disruption is something that has a material impact on your industry.

Shane Sturgeon: The customer is why we are here.

Palma Michel: Customers may demand something different, causing disruption.

Palma Michel: Question our own thinking.

Jessica Dewell: Things change whether we look at them or not.

Shane Sturgeon: Pressures create creativity of how businesses can stay alive.

Palma Michel: It takes time to change day-to-day behavior.

Jessica Dewell: There is a stealthiness of creating new markets when we bring new rules to the old way of doing things.

Palma Michel: Taking a pause is useful, there is not a need for immediate response.

Shane Sturgeon: Understand the competition we are actually up against.


  • The Blue Ocean Strategy

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