Build our ability through action – conscious action – to recognize and make a choice to change, or not.

We bring our energy to each situation. It’s up to us to be courageous and choose to notice our habits and if we are happy with them. When we consciously choose what we do we can make change. When we do something for another change doesn’t last. This discussion, stories, and even more questions are posted as Jessica Dewell and Debra Oakland explore a lot of aspects of breaking out of being set in our ways.

Program 67 - Break out of Being Set In Your WaysStarting the Conversation:

  • We feel it when we are not on ‘the’ path we are drawn to or have chosen. It’s something we all experience when we get in our own way.
  • What does it take to recognize we are set in our ways and how do we break out of those habits to build the ones we must have for success?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Guest: Debra Oakland

What You Will Hear:

Recognize being set in our ways using neuroscience, consciousness, and action

Habits, routines and emotions and how each relates to change and need.

Change habits (minimum of 21 days, not compete in 21 days) and see results in about 2 months.

Two sides to everything, keep assumptions out of it.

Develop courage to break out of being set in our ways.

Face our challenges and change our brain – and health benefits.

Meditation in all its shapes to build our ability.

When we do something for ourself versus for someone else.

Change can be enjoyable.

Notable and Quotable:

Debra Oakland: 95% of the time we run on our unconscious.

Debra Oakland: Our triggers are our deciding factors in our success.

Jessica Dewell: The good habits we want in our life take longer to break (for the same reason good habits are hard to create).

Debra Oakland: Love is a great habit!

Debra Oakland: We have a conscious choice in every moment.

Jessica Dewell: We don’t realize how much we lead by example.

Debra Oakland: We are all courageous in our own way.

Jessica Dewell: When we want [something] and it’s fun, we can get it and have lasting results.


  • Change Your Movie, Change Your Life: 7 Reel Concepts For Courageous Change
  • Dr. Bruce Lipton

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