Find out how much of what we do is to avoid pain instead of gain pleasure as Jessica Dewell speaks with Carl Ramallo on the Skill of Certainty.

Every action we take feeds into our success. The choice to prioritize and decide the best action for the biggest result is a choice we can make (or not). Listen to Jessica Dewell talk with Carl Ramallo talk about mindset, goal setting, and take action to build the skill of certainty.

Program 68 – The Skill of CertaintyStarting the conversation…

  • What is the importance of action in being certain?
  • Start with a single choice. Make that first decision.
  • What can we really control and be certain about?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Guest: Carl Ramallo

What You Will Hear:

The power of the people in our life.

The role of action and 2 reasons people stay in a mediocre life.

Focus is the foundation of certainty.

Give up versus giving up … a mind set.

Underdeveloped skill: write down our goals.

Three ways to look at action, and make a choice.

Give primary focus due attention.

When to change strategy.

Discipline of goal setting.

Never give yourself an excuse to fail instead of celebrating an successful life.

Autopilot gets in the way of building discipline (and ultimately our success).

Practice noticing to discover patterns.

Tie our actions to our vision.

Measure your response each day.

Focus on end results.

Notable & Quotable:

Carl Ramallo: People can develop a consciousness of success.

Carl Ramallo: The words we use have an effect on our subconscious mind.

Carl Ramallo: Examine your current life, decide vision, and write it down.

Jessica Dewell: Feel good for life (not just for the length of a vacation).

Carl Ramallo: Impress the right thoughts in your mind to take the right actions toward personal growth.

Carl Ramallo: We still have to travel the road ourself.

Jessica Dewell: It always starts with a single choice.

Carl Ramallo: Don’t take short cuts.

Carl Ramallo: Develop the skills to get to the particulars of our goals.

Carl Ramallo: Master the balance of having the winning-edge in our life.

Carl Ramallo: Everyone builds a mindset based on what’s important to them.

Carl Ramallo: Never give yourself an excuse to fail instead of celebrating an successful life.

Jessica Dewell: Reflection allows us to recognize what we’ve completed.

Carl Ramallo: If you don’t know what inspires you you’ll never know what satisfies your soul.

Carl Ramallo: I want to empower myself with clear conscious positive words to drive me to the next level.


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