We have the freedom to destroy ourselves as much as we have the freedom to choose the best opportunity; listen in to Jessica Dewell talk with Scott Scowcroft and Jeff Sherman.

Its when we don’t like something, it’s easy to blame (which removes our freedom) and be stuck. There are relationships between freedom and power and freedom and choice and that even though we make our choices, we are not alone. Influence is the ripple of our actions and there is a dark and light side of each action we choose. Listen in as Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Scott Scowcroft and Jeff Sherman discussing the question How do you cultivate freedom in daily life in order to add value to your business and community role?

Program 69 - Cultivate FreedomStarting The Conversation:

  • How do you cultivate freedom in daily life in order to add value to your business role?
  • When and how does our freedom change?
  • What does freedom mean to you?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panelists: Jeff Sherman, Scott Scowcroft

What You Will Hear:

What freedom means.

Overheard: What other people think of you is not your business.

The perception of freedom (and following what those before did too).

Freedom is a course that we choose our guidelines.

Our culture, ethnic background and life experience shape what freedom means.

Choice and decisions and freedom.

Freedom has laws and restrictions and access (stay focused on what I can do).

The first step of problem solving: what is the choice we must make here.

Individual and governing freedoms.

Actions that limit (greed, control, self/other).

Defend versus protect and the range of perception around it.

Notable and Quotable:

Jeff Sherman: Freedom is the existence of your best opportunities in front of you.

Scott Scowcroft: The older I get the more freedom I feel to express myself the way I want.

Jeff Sherman: Freedom is not the ability to do whatever I want.

Jessica Dewell: Is it really impossible or impractical if we have the drive to go get what I want?

Scott Scowcroft: Freedom to chose the path we go down, but we don’t have the guarantee that we will be successful.

Jeff Sherman: Freedom is the ability to act.

Jessica Dewell: I must be aware of my actions and if they combined in the best possible way.

Jeff Sherman: I can choose where I am at. I can choose where I am not.

Jeff Sherman: This is my circumstance. What will I do?

Scott Scowcroft: How will I adapt to the circumstances in which I find myself?

Jeff Sherman: Progress is the result of freedom.


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