When we give responsibility to our teams, contractors, and vendors the clarity and communication of expectations is the foundation for growing genuine company culture.

Genuine company culture starts with the leaders within the organization. Gaps between words and action both in personal behavior as well as business priorities are what determine the strength of our company culture and the image portrayed to employees, vendors, strategic partners, and customers. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Sabrina Cadini and Andrea Villeneuve to discuss how to grow genuine company culture.

Program 70 - Grow Genuine Company CultureStarting The Conversation:

  • What are the steps to genuinely grown and sustain our company culture?
  • How do we see the results of their work effort and build our/employee skills?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panelists: Sabrina Cadini, Andrea Villeneuve

What you Will Hear:

Business culture exists for solo-prenuers.

Culture as it relates to growth.

How transparency fits into company culture.

Core values are important in choosing who we add to our team.

Develop relationships based on trust and learn if values and culture align over time.

Lead by example and foster success that lifts everyone up.

The effect of clear communication to create clear boundaries.

Tips to build relationships.

When company culture showed up as a business asset.

How much we take on – and take personally – within the business.

What makes having a genuine company culture bold.

Notable and Quotable:

Sabrina Cadini: Have a great team that has a clear understanding of the company values.

Andrea Villeneuve: Culture is how we bring different skillsets to our company culture.

Sabrina Cadini: I am direct and honest and I want the people I work with to do the same.

Andrea Villeneuve: Our team is extremely valuable and important to us.

Sabrina Cadini: The more responsibilities team members have the more they want to be part of the team.

Andrea Villeneuve: Be concise about expectations.

Jessica Dewell: When we separate ourselves from our business we can be more objective about what’s happening – it’s not as personal.

Jessica Dewell: Each perspective works for each business as they add to or take away from our culture with each action.

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