It starts with choice – recognizing that regardless of the action we take, we can choose something different.

The outcomes of power habits are easier to grasp than the purpose of them. We all have natural strengths, yet there are habits we all can add (that develop our weaknesses and stretch our capabilities) to take action with certainty. We choose what habits we make our power habits (not our routines) – skills we use for good. Jessica Dewell discusses Power Habits with Joy Guthrie.

Program 73 - Power HabitsStarting The Conversation:

  • What is a power habit and how do you develop them?
  • Why do we really need power habits?
  • Are power habits the same for everyone?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Co-host: Joy Guthrie

What You Will Hear:

What moves us in a  positive direction.

What it means to step up, show up, and do something.

Procrastination looks different for different work styles.

Purpose of power habits and their outcomes.

Anchor and Soar: in action, breath, and thoughtfulness.

Use of power with our habits (awareness and responsibility).

Power habits are different for everyone.

Books about turning our skills into power habits.

Moving forward and reach goals.

Our place in life shapes the way we look at what power habits are.

A personal story of what responsibility looks like.

Do we need power habits?

The knowledge we need comes from a question, make it the right question.

Use the After-Action Review process.

Differences between men and women and power habits.

What makes today’s leader bold when the use power habits?

Notable & Quotable:

Joy Guthrie: Doing something is a key power habit for everyone.

Joy Guthrie: If you can do something in 2 minutes, just do it!

Jessica Dewell: Power habits are soft skills, and everyone can learn them.

Jessica Dewell: We can always choose something different.

Joy Guthrie: Take [the outcomes], learn from it, and move on.

Jessica Dewell: Make a choice before we must make the choice.

Jessica Dewell: I brought books [to our conversation]!

Jessica Dewell: What my 19 year old self thought were power habits are different than what my 39 year old self thinks they are.

Joy Guthrie: I messed up and my boss said to our bosses, ‘It’s my responsibility.’ That was a big learning moment for me.

Joy Guthrie: Some people don’t want to be in the lime light – and they define what their power is internally.

Joy Guthrie: As a group you can choose to have a power habit to decide how to choose.

Jessica Dewell: Sometimes differences (and reasons) are overlooked, which make big problems later in the project.

Joy Guthrie: Women tend to go into a meeting with a plan.

Jessica Dewell: I love the power of collaboration.


  • The Millionaire Teacher
  • Think And Grow Rich
  • The Go Giver
  • The Art of Possibility

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