Innovation is an ongoing process and when we, business leaders, keep moving forward without reflection and intentional work on where the business is going … we fall out of innovation.

Innovation is all about thinking. Thinking about what to change now, what might happen and how we can serve our customers when it does. Every business, of every size, benefits from thinking about strategy at the highest level and how every initiative and what is done to achieve outcomes is on purpose. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Jim Katzaman and Steve Dodd to discuss steady innovation.

Program 77 - Steady InnovationStarting the Conversation:

  • How do we know and if we need to grow and innovate?
  • What about when we don’t see any results?
  • Where do we spend development – business or people?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panel: Jim Katzaman, Steve Dodd

Transcript of Program: Steady Innovation

What You Will Hear:

When we reach capacity, and what it means.

Innovation as an evolutionary process.

Innovation can occur with established and content businesses as well as growth oriented businesses.

Innovation at its core is how to be different.

Avoid stagnation.

Thinking drives business.

Tips for evaluating business initiatives.

Unknowns and business decisions (aka. fear)

Notable and Quotable:

Jim Katzaman: If you want to grow, you will make hard choices around risk and expansion.

Steve Dodd: If you wait until you are at full capacity to innovate, you are too late.

Jessica Dewell: Be different at the core of the business … and know exactly HOW we are different than competition.

Jim Katzaman: If you are not talking to your workers, you’ll be in a lurch.

Steve Dodd: Quite often, companies have their own rose colored glasses.

Jessica Dewell: Small businesses think they can adapt quickly, and then they don’t think!

Jessica Dewell: There is no single answer, we must choose something and take action.

Steve Dodd: Strategists should be spending 10-20% of their time doing work that is not day-to-day.

Jim Katzaman: Have a mindset from the beginning to be ready for adjustments based on reality.

Steve Dodd: When a business owner looks at what we are doing, they are innovating by taking conscious thought.


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