Scarce resources and collaboration can create better than expected results, when we learn who we are and the role we play to support others and do our own work.

To maximize scarce resources and leverage them to the fullest takes courage and integrity. When we know what problem we solve we can rally our team to find the resources to get it done. And, with practice we get to the outcome sooner with the results we want. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Kyle Brown and Howard Strauber.

Program 79 - Maximize Scarce ResourcesStarting the Conversation:

  • We are all tasked with doing more (results) with less (resources). How do you maximize scarce resources?
  • As a business owner or within a department of a company, does bootstrapping mean doing it all on our own?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panel: Howard Strauber, Kyle Brown

What You Will Hear:

It’s about the objective first.

What do we actually have to work with.

What is bootstrapping … in business (because we have roots with this word in technology).

Asking for help and learning to get it right take practice (including setbacks).

Twitter bootstrap, bootstrapping, and collaboration.

Leadership is not necessary to build a product, it’s required to build a company.

Everyone is not a leader, neither does having a title automatically make a leader.

Where the revenue comes from (something we must ask).

Two examples of what to look at to have a pulse on a business.

Experiences prioritizing objectives and what’s next.

Know the length of the runway.

Put self and product out there – experience our back against the wall.

Notable and Quotable:

Kyle Brown: When [we have a system], it’s easy to go back and try something different to get to the end goal.

Howard Strauber: Expect the unexpected.

Kyle Brown: Be tactful and resourceful and using resources already on hand to meet an objective.

Howard Strauber: The willingness to work with others is crucial.

Jessica Dewell: Bootstrapping is a concept: what do I have, what do I not have, what am I building – iterating or now … is problem solving.

Jessica Dewell: If there is no reason to get better at something – there is no pressure – we won’t [take the risk].

Howard Strauber: All for one and one for all is crucial for leadership.

Kyle Brown: Leadership includes developing our team.

Howard Strauber: Being a leader allows others to take risks and run with them.

Kyle Brown: Look at what’s leaving versus what’s coming in.

Howard Strauber: It was a badge of honor to create something from nothing.

Kyle Brown: Always look at what’s coming next.

Kyle Brown: I quit obsessing about the unknowns (and let go of analysis paralysis).

Howard Strauber: When I get feedback, it means I’m doing something right.


  • “A man must know his limitations.” Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.
  • Promise of a Pencil

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