There are patterns, when we choose to see them, that help us communicate and its through communication we build trust by giving control to get control.

Written goals and mutually agreed upon expectations are the basis for working on any project. Everyone knows how to show up, what skills they need, and rules of engagement working together.  Business leaders that lead by example extend trust first. Jess Dewell and Iva Ignjatovic discuss what’s behind the concept give control to get control.

Program 81 - Give Control to Get ControlStarting the Conversation:

  • How can we stand out, without knowing what another expects of you, at the beginning of a meeting or interaction?
  • How control influences the effort and results of close-knit groups.

Host: Jess Dewell

Co-host: Iva Ignjatovic

What You Will Hear:

Context of a conversation.

Reason for the meeting, conversation, or interaction.

Control has roots in trust.

Skills for meeting roles.

Trust comes before giving control can occur.

How other people perceive us.

The way we show up, and being clear about how we are.

Expectations stated and known.

The myth of the way we do work and the way we do home is different. (We all problem solve.)

Notable and Quotable:

Iva Ignjatovic: Ya, you can stand out, but how do you do it?

Jess Dewell: Show up with the intention of what the meeting is about, and will the situation facilitate that?

Iva Ignjatovic: As leaders, we must give trust first.

Jess Dewell: Recognize that people will think differently than us, they have different life experiences.

Iva Ignjatovic: We don’t always have the ability to look at things from all the angles.

Jess Dewell: I’m not a super serious person, and trying to be that comes across wrong to other people.

Iva Ignjatovic: There is a constant battle between giving space and taking away space.

Jess Dewell: Ask: what are your expectations of me?

Jess Dewell: Run interference, keep private things private, and be transparent.

Iva Ignjatovic: Create a model of behavior that s productive.

Jess Dewell: Bring a non-wavering structure around expectations.

Iva Ignjatovic: From time to time, snap people back to focus.


Tags: communication, assumptions, outcomes, perception, control, trust, leader, awareness, expectation, role model