If you’ve ever been stuck in a mode of the grass is always greener you might have a bad habit of pursuing the wrong things – instead of clear priorities.

When we know what the goal is, we can adapt based on that goal. However, it tends to be more muddled than that and we take tangents, second guess, and take action to see motion (and we are standing still). Recognizing where we are unclear, where deviate out of habit – some sort of fear – is easy. Jess Dewell hosts Jennifer Goldman and Iva Ignjatovic to discuss the harder part: pursuing clear priorities.

Program 82 - Pursuit of Clear PrioritiesStarting the Conversation:

  • Once priorities are set, when is it ok to deviate from them (to get to the intended outcome)?
  • How do we know when we lack discipline?

Host: Jess Dewell

Panelists: Jennifer Goldman, Iva Ignjatovic

What You Will Hear:

Define priorities and outcomes and reclaimed time.

The grass is greener.

Trap of constant deviation.

Decisions too quickly can create a bad habit of starting over instead of iterating.

Create a peer-group to be honest with – not worried about judgement.

Question and gut-check deviations.

Agile is not always fast, and it can include fear of not attracting and keeping clients.

Benefits of problem solving in clear priorities and our innate response to buck the process means more communication is necessary.

Simplicity matters.

Why it is bold to pursue clear priorities.

Notable and Quotable:

Iva Ignjatovic: It all depends on how we define priorities and outcomes.

Jennifer Goldman: Deviate when you are eliminating an option that is purposeful to get you to get to your outcome.

Jennifer Goldman: Distraction comes from revisiting

Jess Dewell: Don’t skimp on possible outcomes, when shortcuts are made we find ourselves seeing greener grass elsewhere.

Jennifer Goldman: What is your intention for heading down a path?

Iva Ignjatovic: We know where we want to be.

Iva Ignjatovic: It is not okay to make the same mistake over and over again.

Jennifer Goldman: Write down what you want the outcome to be.

Jennifer Goldman: It’s easy to recognize we are wasting time and money, it is hard to admit to another that’s where we are.

Jess Dewell: Evaluate the overlap of multiple objectives … are they the same thing?

Jess Dewell: We need a core team to answer the question: is this important to my business?

Iva Ignjatovic: Don’t stop when deviations come up.

Jennifer Goldman: If I can’t write an idea out, it’s not simple and haven’t found the core of the goal.

Iva Ignjatovic: The more we know the simpler we can communicate it.


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