Choose which value is the priority and combine that with a discipline of self inquiry and team inquiry to get things done.

The things we don’t want to do can be shifted with a practice of self awareness. The messiness of change – the ability to evaluate and take some action…any action… moves us toward a different outcome. We don’t have to always hate certain things we do. Jess Dewell hosts Blair Glaser as they talk about communication, relationship, innovation, and change.

Program 83 - The Truth About Things You Hate to DoStarting the Conversation

  • Sometimes we must do things we hate to do.
  • What can we do to show up even when we are low energy/avoiding/hating something we must do?

Host: Jess Dewell

Guest: Blair Glaser

What You Will Hear:

What fits our style and what shows up.

Deciding. Fear of decision making.

How we speak to each other (and our reactions).

What we do when we really hate something … we avoid or find it annoying.

When we find ourself saying I hate this – it’s a great signal for what I need to know.

Boundaries and how they play into what we take on.

The process of figuring out what we need to know in a situation.

What the discipline of listening offers.

The importance of culture as the fuel for expectations.

Communication to be understood versus pushing information out.

Notable and Quotable:

Blair Glaser: We get very black and white [about decisions].

Jess Dewell: We forget we can pick up the stake we put in the sand…and move it.

Blair Glaser: Do you know ANYONE that likes to be told what to do?

Jess Dewell: At some point…we must TAKE THE ACTION.

Blair Glaser: You’ll know, for next time, I’m hating this because I’m not paying attention in this moment.

Blair Glaser: Resistance is an invitation to find and make a boundary.

Jess Dewell: When we know our boundaries, we absolutely know. If there is not an absolutely associated with it, the boundary has not been found.

Blair Glaser: I have a good discipline of self inquiry.

Blair Glaser: Understand which [of our] feelings and thoughts are real and not chatter.

Jess Dewell: Ask: Am I willing to do what needs to be done to get us to where we need to go?

Blair Glaser: There seems to be more at stake when we are accountable for other people.

Jess Dewell: Culture is first.

Blair Glaser: Formalize shifts in culture at every level of the organization.

Jess Dewell: The more we listen to ourselves the more we are in tune with others to hear what they are not saying.


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