Not only does it takes a team, it takes the RIGHT people on the team.

From the initial idea, to who do we know, to what skills are needed, and can we be really REAL with each other…there are a ton of moving parts. The right people on the team make the difference. Working together for years on different projects doesn’t remove headaches, problems, or friction. It’s about how we show up, how we support the end vision and each other. Jess Dewell visits with Scott Scowcroft and Iva Ignjatovic about what we’ve learned and what vision we are building toward.

Program 86 - What We've LearnedStarting The Conversation:

  • Livestream option.
  • VBBRadio turns 1 in October!
  • What we thought would be the flow, and what actually is the flow.

Host: Jess Dewell

Co-host: Scott Scowcroft, Iva Ignjatovic

What You Will Hear:

Behind the scenes of #VBBRadio Live, moving parts we will work with.

What #VBBRadio is about.

The first year of #VBBRadio.

Power of connection – guests and panelists.

Tell us what you want: online summit?!

The workflow: match personal with team to get to the goal. Tools we use too.

What’s in our control (for our project).

Sometimes even when every correct step is taken, it doesn’t work as planned.

The role of assumptions and rationalizations in effectiveness.

The experience of receiving knowledge and the experience of delivering it.

Notable and Quotable:

Jess Dewell: When we talk freely we can learn from each other.

Scott Scowcroft: As a manager, it’s great to have another resource to [learn from].

Iva Ignjatovic: As a strategist, I’m always asking myself where are we going and what’s the point?

Iva Ignjatovic:  Our past guests have something smart to share.

Scott Scowcroft: The team surrounding #VBBRadio are not amateurs at this.

Jess Dewell: We use what we know for speed, and then as the team grows new technology emerges that build connection and efficiency.

Iva Ignjatovic: If it’s easy and logical, bring it on!

Jess Dewell: When we embrace the actions and how they fit in, the bigger picture emerges.

Jess Dewell: We can do all the tests we want, but until we go forward and open it up we don’t actually know what’s going to happen.

Iva Ignjatovic: During problems, we pull up our sleeves and work together.

Scott Scowcroft: The shows we produce are worthy of our audience.


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