As business leaders, we must rethink our thinking for effectiveness and results.

As business leaders, we must rethink our thinking. There are things we accept as the-way-things-are. That limits our leadership AND the results of our work. Choose to find truth. Choose to have the difficult conversations. Choose to step up and make waves (sometimes it will feel like ‘IT Hits the fan, sometimes not. We don’t know until we action. It’s with the sincerity of wanting best, searching for information to choose the best option (for right now), and realizing that what is best in the future…is in the future. Be all in, right now. Listen in on what Jess Dewell shares and maybe find something to help you with your ‘it.’

Program 87 - When Hits The FanStarting The Conversation:

  • Everything is messy…sometimes.
  • What do we do when we find ourselves in the middle of a mess?
  • Interpersonal awareness and consideration.

Host: Jess Dewell

What You Will Hear:

A story of communicating a miscommunication.

When everyone is wrong and a project is totally missed.

I really failed – at two things – that allowed my whole team to fail.

Communication glues intention with action.

Accountability to the team and their development.

Responsibility of driving, growing and sustaining.

When problems start to hurt… problem solving starts.

Business development, product creation, actions are internal. Are the reasons for doing those activities compelling for the team to prioritize appropriately.

Change may feel like it’s holding out – we may not see the change we want as quickly (and, it may uncover deeper – root – problems).

People will always be themselves. It’s something to consider, yet not allow to shape, action.

Messiness is part of life…and business. happens to all of us.

Whats happening is happening because the leader is the model.

Questions to ask to reflect on to start figuring out what may be creating the chaos and listening.

Ambiguity and chaos don’t have to go hand in hand.

Expectations, how we show up, and what we expect.

Notable and Quotable:

Jess Dewell: Write down what we want allows us to achieve more because we know exactly what to do. But…there’s a rub.

Jess Dewell: Everyone I work with [at Red Direction] is brilliant and has the skills and is willing to step up to work together.

Jess Dewell: Leading is closing the gap between skill sets, their intention, and effectively hitting goals.

Jess Dewell: Ultimately, I’m accountable to the people on my team [to support their success].

Jess Dewell: I conditioned my my team, unconsciously, to act certain ways in certain situations.

Jess Dewell: We may be a little too polite.

Jess Dewell: Move out of chaos and into excitement.

Jess Dewell: The more awareness we have the more we can observe patterns that are useful in decision making.


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