The first thing we must do to fix customer service teams is to ask a single question…and we can control it.

Training provides a base for shared meaning, to prepare employees, and give them a foundation to look for ways to improve both themselves and their process. And support. Support that the metrics we use match the expectations we have for interacting with customers. The more perspective we can give our customer service teams the more customer centric their mindset. Jess Dewell talks with Adam Toporek, an internationally-recognized customer service expert, about customer service and what we can actually control.

Program 89 - What We Can Actually ControlStarting The Conversation

  • Sometimes we must do things we hate to do.
  • What can we do to show up even when we are low energy/avoiding/hating something we must do?
  • Service is not an easy job…it’s a very unequal relationship.

Host: Jess Dewell

Guest: Adam Toporek

What You Will Hear:

The origination of Be Your Customer’s Hero.

Perspective of customers – the psychology and mindset.

We can all become #PeoplePeople.

Get our teams past bad experiences (that cause poor reactions).

Three things to evaluate our customer centricity in our organization.

Improvisation during unexpected situations start with plans.

Training is overlooked, and a source of competence and confidence of our employees.

Customer value is different than customers are right all the time.

The feedback loop that exists within customer centric organizations.

Consistency and service: systems, processes, and training.

It is BOLD to focus on what we can control.

Notable and Quotable:

Adam Toporek: Understand that customers, in most case, for front line employees ARE the job.

Adam Toporek: If you are a leader, it is your fault until it’s not.

Adam Toporek: Is the leader of the team the most customer service centric person on the team?

Jess Dewell: Improvisation comes through knowing a plan and then letting the team execute dealing with unexpected situations.

Adam Toporek: Prepare your team, there are only so many resources.

Jess Dewell: When we take care of our people, we know our people can take care of our customers.

Adam Toporek: We are here to serve the customer.

Adam Toporek: A customer centric organization listens to their front line teams.

Adam Toporek: The more we can set ourselves up for consistency, the closer we get to having consistent experiences.


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