Responsibility and accountability are character traits. And even if our experiences have made us shy away from them – to avoid the ownership of what we do and why we do it, we can change. Because if we don’t…if we, at all costs, we avoid making a visible mistake and shift the responsibility to another, it becomes blame. When we find ourselves avoiding responsibility or blaming others, we immediately create obstacles. Obstacles that make us unhappy and un appreciated at work. Obstacles that limit our advancement options. Obstacles that let us plan small.


Stop The Blame Program 9Starting the conversation…

It’s time to shift the fear that makes us avoid and blame. It’s time to draw a line in the sand. It’s time to own our mistakes and learn from them.

Workplace responsibility comes down to accountability and responsibility.

Host: Jessica Dewell

Co-host: Meridith Elliott Powell

What You Will Hear:

Define what accountability and responsibility are (and that they are different from each other).

Myth: The workplace is fair.

Sometimes things are difficult.

It’s not easy when obstacles pop up.

Evaluate where to spend time.

Exchange the word ownership for responsibility.

Be ok with failure. We halt because we want to do ‘the right thing.’

Knowing the rules matters. Figure out how the game is played. Accept that we judge.

Take values and understand how it fits into society – and be successful.

Iterate and ask more questions and move through failure. Find the lesson.

It’s hard to look foolish, yet we might justify our bad behavior too. Take a closer look.

As a leader, we provide a safe culture for failure.

Success is limited when we always win.

Contrast instant gratification against it takes time to learn and create.

Point of a business plan – we must have them.

Plans create accountability. Track what you do. Check in on it. Iterate – take action and adjust.

Develop a team. It starts at the top. Responsibility as a leader.

Have a group to connect with others … and air-out, talk through, get perspective.

Define the problem that has appeared and work on it.

Choose what to put attention on.

Practice responsibility every day – on the seemingly mundane life activities.

Its not easy. And we reinforced to blame by society.

Notable & Quotable

Meridith Elliott Powell: Accountability measures the actions you are taking.

Meridith Elliott Powell: Responsibility is the one difference between people who succeed and people who don’t.

Jessica Dewell: If I want to get it done, I will do what it takes.

Meridith Elliott Powell: Admit don’t know everything is what takes us to the next level.

Jessica Dewell: Respect my values and others values, I want to understand how people around me are impacted.

Meridith Elliott Powell: Take values and understand how it fits into society – and be successful.

Jessica Dewell: …Try again because I might be saying the right thing the wrong way.

Meridith Elliott Powell: Make failure a requirement.

Meridith Elliott Powell: Its through failure that the winning idea comes.

Meridith Elliott Powell: Is what I’m doing moving me toward my goal or is it moving me away?

Meridith Elliott Powell: I look to myself first for why something worked or didn’t work.

Jessica Dewell: Transform the hard/difficult emotion, and then take the experience and choose another action.

Meridith Elliott Powell: The moment I take it back to me, I am in control.

Jessica Dewell: Figure out what the obstacle is to find a solution.

Jessica Dewell: Just because it’s the norm doesn’t mean it’s right.

Meridith Elliott Powell: Power in figuring out what you can control.


Own It



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