The choices we make today can give us results right now AND build our skills for future success.

The crux between immediate results and mastery (of anything) is time. We’ve all been told the one thing every human has in common is the amount of time in a day, and what we do with it matters. There is incredible value in seeking stories and experiences of those that came before us. Regardless the circumstances or reasons, we are choosing what we do today. When we stop and look at today’s priorities, we can tell whether or not they help us today and invest in our tomorrow. Listen in as Jess Dewell talks with Dr. Richard Liposky, president and CEO of Dental Specialists of America LLC, providing outpatient oral and maxillofacial surgery and specialty services to group practices in eight states.

Program 90 Live 9/26 Investing in Our Tomorrow, Get Results TodayStarting The Conversation

  • When transitioning, what does that commitment look like?
  • What about results? We’re surrounded by cues immediate success is necessary.
  • How do we learn?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Dr. Richard Liposky

What You Will Hear:

An extra level of perspective.

More than ever before we need communication.

Advise to people who are closed and reacting from a place of fear.

Different ways to approach people and show we are on their side.

Information and decision making…and what we know at the moment we must make the decision.

Reacting and fighting fires must stop.

The give and take of efficiency from the ideal and paradigm shifts.

The stuck we can get in looking at only short term results.

What we do with discretionary time (and our decision to have it in our life).

Unexpected ways we can learn.

We do what we have to do to get the job done.

Learning from observation – and that we have influence on those that watch us.

Dr. Liposky’s 3 things he wanted his children to learn.

To Quote Dr. Liposky, “A successful businessman may fail, but his most distinguishing characteristic is that he never quits.”

Notable and Quotable:

Dr. Richard Liposky: We have a choice to react or respond.

Dr. Richard Liposky: Sometimes when we look through our eyes we miss the point.

Dr. Richard Liposky: Anything you can learn, you can unlearn or learn to deal with.

Jess Dewell: Take the time to stop. And assess before moving forward.

Jess Dewell: Slow down to see whether or not a decision is to be made.

Dr. Richard Liposky: We must keep learning, and stay in the learning mode.

Dr. Richard Liposky: In business, we have to go after the source of the problems.

Jess Dewell: Sometimes identifying the problem is the first step in new innovation.

Dr. Richard Liposky: There is a lot that comes between an idea and making it come to fruition.

Dr. Richard Liposky: It’s what you do with your discretionary time that determines your success or failure.

Jess Dewell: Any sort of self improvement [keeps us learning].

Dr. Richard Liposky: Life is not convenient. Life is life.

Jess Dewell: Start playing and people will join us.

Dr. Richard Liposky: My mom and dad wanted me to create and they never held back.

Jess Dewell: We lose our resourcefulness when all we do is sit in front of a screen instead of using our brain to develop skills.

Dr. Richard Liposky: We are always on stage.

Jess Dewell: I must be accountable to myself first.

Dr. Richard Liposky: Teach our principles to our children and keep their potential unlimted.

Jess Dewell: It takes more time to be a role model and learn from what we know giving them a sense of purpose in their role.

Dr. Richard Liposky: Success is a decision.


It’s Not What I Learned, It’s How I Learned It


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