Steve Rohr joins Jess to discuss ongoing changes in a) how we judge what a brand stands for and b) how to invite people to join our company to deliver the brand promise. 

The mission of a company is more critical today than ever before. With a shift from a desire from possessing something from and identifying with a brand, to choosing brands that believe in the same things we do … how we used to define a brand has changed. The actions of a single individual impacts both the perception of what a brand stands for, and the “real” mission being evaluated by the actions of the people working at a company.

Program 92 - Lead With PersonalityStarting The Conversation

  • The actions of a single individual impacts the perception of what a brand stands for and the ‘real’ mission that is evaluated by the actions of the people working at a company.
  • How do we show up as ourselves AND keep in mind what’s best for the company we lead within?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Steve Rohr

What You Will Hear:

Shift of the role of a brand in our daily lives.

As executives, be positive and keep our personality, we can’t hide it.

First and foremost: protect brand and act in line with the company mission.

Communication between the feminine and masculine and how we respond.

The nod. A single clue to avoid misunderstandings. (Our unconscious body language impacts our perception.)

Written values and what they really mean to us and at the workplace. It’s all about intention.

Goal setting and revisiting goals. An alternative way to look at goals.

There is guidance in the timing of when things happen for us, and doors open. Keep going!

Take the judgement out of being told no.

Three steps + a trick to practice receiving feedback.

Choose personality traits we want to be known for and then step up and practice them (balance with the brand).

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.

Personal positioning, credibility, and looking like a pro.

Why it’s bold to lead with personality.

Bonus: Tricks to drill in our 5-year goals and keep them in our awareness.

Notable and Quotable:

Steve Rohr: Social media impacts our personal brand, professional brand, and professional brand.

Steve Rohr: We always represent our brand, even when we think we aren’t.

Steve Rohr: Assume positive intent.

Jess Dewell: Notice the reasons we nod (and say the words: I agree or I am with you) to better understand the space we take up.

Jess Dewell: My personal values must fit into the company’s value so we know what we stand for.

Steve Rohr: Everything we touch in a day must line up with our goals.

Steve Rohr: I remind myself of what I’m aiming for by leaving myself notes.

Jess Dewell: The quickest way to go out of business is to not have a business plan.

Steve Rohr: Go through the doors that are open. Knock on the doors.

Steve Rohr: Doors closing are not a rejection, it’s an answer.

Jess Dewell: We must say what needs to be said, to be transparent.

Steve Rohr: Be smart about [the personality] we put out there.

Jess Dewell: Our journey to become a leader and holding the space of protecting and holding the company mission are critical.

Steve Rohr: Create a space to allow people to say what needs to be said – without repercussion.

Steve Rohr: The people speaking up are the people most dedicated to the mission statement.

Steve Rohr: People are attracted to confidence. Be bold out there.

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