Jess Dewell hosts panelists Ryan Marchman and Jimmy Godard to discuss (and answer) this question: “When we realize there are too many things going on and nothing is getting done, what do we do about it?”

Too busy! Scope creep! Stalled! Stuck! Overwhelmed!!! These are just a few of the experiences and feelings that occur when we’ve taken on too much. What if we noticed ourselves, our team, our company going down that path before realizing we’re stretched too thin? We can choose to look for that path, and use its trail to inform ourselves on what needs to happen to change course. Jess hosts panelists Jimmy Godard and Ryan Marchman on this topic; listen in as they discuss concrete actions to take when we realize there are too many things going on, and nothing is getting done.

Program 95 - Danger of too Much DiversificationStarting The Conversation:

  • When we realize there are too many things going on and nothing is getting done, what do you do about it?
  • How does this idea of scope creep and stuck-ness affect us as individuals and teams?

Host: Jess Dewell

Panel: Jimmy Godard, Dr. Ryan Marchman

What You Will Hear:

We all have 24 hours, and we must evaluate what we do with our time.

Skills panelists use in their role today.

– Know personal values

– Switch-tasking

Ways we can get ideas out of our head and prioritize them.

Holding others (and ourselves) accountable, when we are all doing what we need to do.

The top down view, the vision, from our role.

The three types of people that surround us.

Definition of values and one that is important to them.

The way personal values may be used.

Why it’s BOLD to avoid spreading ourselves too thin.

Notable and Quotable:

Quotes_95_Jimmy Godard

Jimmy Goddard: [The Eisenhower Matrix] allows prioritization and execution.

Jimmy Goddard: Schedule the time to address our tasks.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: When we don’t fill our day with high priority items, it will be filled with low priority items.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: Every time you do a task you don’t value and are not good at, you rob someone else of what you are good at.

Jess Dewell:  When we do the right actions at the right time, everything comes together easily.

Jimmy Goddard: I have so many ideas day-to-day, I have to make a list.

Quotes_95_Ryan Marchman

Dr. Ryan Marchman: The act of writing [ideas] down helps me remember them.

Jimmy Goddard: Figure out what everyone needs to get their job done, and support them.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: Get to know the people that work for you.

Dr. Ryan Marchman: Play and stay in the [space] of what you love.

Jimmy Goddard: Understanding my industry helps me do things well and efficient and how to get things done.

Quotes_95_Jess Dewell


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