We can make working ON our business more enjoyable by having a by vision, making a commitment and taking action.

Jess Dewell talks to Julie Littlechild about two key actions / three key words to achieving success: responsibility and taking action. From what responsibility is … to how exactly we step into using responsibility to get more of what we want … all these elements revolve around our level of engagement. That we are excited about what we have planned and truly want to do the work to get there. We can make working ON our business more enjoyable by having a by vision, making a commitment and taking action. We can achieve Absolute Engagement™!

Program 99 - The Responsibility of Taking ActionStarting The Conversation:

  • The concept of success.
  • The underlying drive to develop Absolute Engagement.

Host: Jess Dewell

Guest: Julie Littlechild

What You Will Hear:

The convergence of fulfillment and growth.

Two key components and the definition absolute.

Our responsibility to pursue Absolute Engagement™.

Heaviness of responsibility.

Ikigai and purpose and stuck.

Awareness, the first step of Absolute Engagement™.

Stuck occurs at different places.

A good check-in question, and the power of reflection.

Naming a feeling allows a plan to be created.

What living our values looks like.

Team and vision and culture.

It’s BOLD to be responsible and have a vision.

Notable and Quotable:

Julie Littlechild: The older I’ve become the more I seek integration between my personal life and business life.

Julie Littlechild: I build programs with roots in research.

Julie Littlechild: If I can focus on what’s important to me, and build my business around that, then I will do a better job with all my responsibilities.

Jess Dewell: Responsibility does not have to be a weight.

Jess Dewell: I love the way the flow of energy works when we work the energy.

Julie Littlechild: We find our purpose in different ways.

Julie Littlechild: Purpose changes.

Julie Littlechild: Part of the process of alignment includes how the team reflects the founder/owners personal vision.

Jess Dewell: Turn up our awareness.

Julie Littlechild: It’s bold to have a vision because so few people do it.


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