It’s All About Context

In her book “The Architecture of All Abundance,”* Lenedra J. Carroll states most of us change worldviews maybe only once or twice in our lifetime. For many, it’s when they first leave home and experience a world outside the confines of their family. She calls this a “change in context.”

Context is the sense of who you are, what you’re willing to see and how you interpret it. It sets your priorities for action and the way you want to live your life. You may not control the events in your life, but you are certainly in charge of how you respond to them. This is your own personal context.

Someone compliments you. Does it feed your ego or do you dismiss it out of hand? Or do you accept it humbly and self confidently. Or what about setbacks? You could experience them as opportunities for learning and one step closer to success.These choices are entirely up to you.

And when your context changes, it changes everything.

Instead of leaving context and therefore your fate to chance, why not seek continuous improvement? Each moment of your life resets the clock. So tweak your context every day by understanding the underlying principles for a successful life and adopting them as your own. And you do this through observation and study, and for example by surrounding yourself with the right people, reading inspirational books, listening to informative podcasts and then through prayer or meditation. Exercise, good nutrition and enough sleep also helps.

Events big and small happen all the time. Based on your personal context, the reality of them is entirely up to you.


*Lenedra J. Carroll, “The Architecture of All Abundance, Seven Foundations to Prosperity.”  pages 97-98